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Монгол улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг, A1-A Tower, Golomt Apt. town, PEace Avenue, 5th Khoroo, Sukhbaatar District, POB - 26, Post Office - 44

English Speaking Tour Guides - Part-time Jun - Oct

Гүйцэтгэх үндсэн үүрэг

As we continue to grow, with another busy year ahead, we are once again on the lookout for the next crop of excellent Goyo Travel guides. We are currently recruiting local Mongolian guides to lead a wide variety of trips - from city tours to extensive overland journeys, from cultural trips to active outdoor adventures and expeditions.


If you have the experience, knowledge, character, pro-activity, organisation, communication & diplomacy skills, patience, humour, enthusiasm, plus good spoken English and are interested in joining our elite team of guides, then we want to hear from you. 


Tour guiding is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. You will learn a valuable skill set for your future careers, you will become an expert on history, culture and represent Mongolia, and most importantly, you meet new people from all over the world. In terms of timing, it usually works well if you have another full time job or studies and want to do this during your summer holidays. Please note that tour guiding is usually between June - Oct every year on freelance basis. You might have a day trip or 2 weeks trip and have some break. There may not be work for every single day due to the trip availability and the suitability of your skill sets. 


Learning about new things is never ending and refreshing what you know is always good. If you haven’t got much guiding experience or haven’t done any professional general knowledge training courses yet, we highly recommend to complete one before taking any clients on the road. We have had successful candidates from them before and it will help you to be better prepared. Please understand that we have to give our trips to someone who is thoroughly prepared to look after the trip in terms of knowledge & experience, not just English. Otherwise, it becomes that “a blind leading a blind” in Mongolia and guests complain about having another Mongolian tourist travelling along and clients are paying for it! 

  • Handling and organizing the trip from the beginning to the ending of the tour as on the itinerary 
  • Provides tourists with actual and specific information and description
  • Cares tourists for their safety, satisfaction and comfort for the whole trip

Ажлын байранд тавигдах шаардлага

Salary: Daily rate is agreed depending on your skills and experiences. 


Skills Required: 

  • Excellent English communication 
  • Good general knowledge of education, wide knowledge of Mongolian landscape and geography, history, ethnic customs and cultural heritage 
  • Completed a professional guide training course
  • Presenting and explaining information clearly
  • Willing to learn and developing self-knowledge constantly
  • Respectfully, civilized and sensitive
  • Has a good team player, adaptive and outgoing personality

Finally, we still want to guide you to be a better guide to represent Mongolia and grow & challenge yourself, too.  

Those candidates who are willing to work in the tourism industry will be an advantage for this position. We are happy to work together to educate and support. 



Бизнетворк АкадемиАнгли хэл шалгалтыг өгсөн бол давуу тал болно

Нэмэлт мэдээлэл

How to Apply: 


1. Send us your Biznetwork CV. 

2. Check your email junk or spam for an email from us to fill out our application form. 

3. If successful, we will contact you for further interview in English and Mongolian. 

4. If you haven't taken any special guide trainings, we recommend it highly. 

5. You will be invited to have an online video chat to be assessed. 

6. You will be invited for our staff training. 

7. You will go on your first Goyo Travel Trip! 


Good luck, 

Goyo Travel Team


БайршилУлаанбаатар хот, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг
ТүвшинМэргэжил хамаарахгүй
Цалин1,500,000 - 1,800,000

Холбоо барих

ХаягМонгол улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг, A1-A Tower, Golomt Apt. town, PEace Avenue, 5th Khoroo, Sukhbaatar District, POB - 26, Post Office - 44
Утас+976 11 313050, 99891826

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  3. Зогсоолын ажилтанПремиум палас ХХК
  4. Салбарын менежер"НУУЦ ТОВЧОО" ХХК
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  13. Үл хөдлөх хөрөнгийн зууч /REAL ESTATE AGENT/РЕМАКС Платин
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