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Монгол улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Чингэлтэй дүүрэг, 1-р хороо, Дельта төв, 403 тоот


Гүйцэтгэх үндсэн үүрэг



Under supervision of the Country Director/SOAP EU Project Manager, in coordination with project partners, experts SOAP EU Project Assistance will be mainly in charge of the following activities:

►     Support Project Manager in planning and implementing all activities of the project

►     Work closely, with a sense of diplomacy but rigor, with partners, GERES’s SOAP team, on implementation of activities and compliance

►     Support the supervision of work of GERES’s SOAP team, and identify staff support and capacity building needed

►     Provide support on main reporting duties of GERES towards donors as well as reporting of partners towards GERES

►     Support the design and tracking of progresses related to the M&E plan

►     Draft terms of reference and tender notices, review project publication, facilitate procurement

►    Review and validate contracts and negotiations with suppliers and service providers, in order to reach appropriate agreements.

►     Support Communication and translation officer work

►     Respond to administrative and logistical needs by GERES staff and management

►     Direct supervision of the SOAP driver/logistician

►     Support Project Manager and Finance officer in keeping up to date and compliant contractual/HR/procurements processes and documentation according to GERES internal Admin and HR procedures and Mongolian legislation

►     Respect and make respect GERES internal Admin and HR procedures and Mongolian legislation.

►     Monitor and manage the recrutement cycle for all positions.

►     Ensure IT equipment are working properly with software licenses meeting legal requirements, GERES staff have access to shared folders/file (drive), and the regular back up of documentation.

►     Ensure proper archival of mandatory project documents

►     Fulfill other duties requested and/or needed by GERES’s Project Manager and Country Director

Ажлын байранд тавигдах шаардлага


Education & Training

·       Higher education degree in Project Management or energy field


·        At least 4 years’ confirmed work experience in similar position

·        Experience on management a team and partners

·        Experience in INGO, working on development projects for international donors

·        Demonstrated experience in Administration, HR and logistic

·        Knowledge and understanding of the Mongolian labour Code is an asset.

·        Experience in Green Building or Energy Efficiency related markets is an asset



·        Leadership, diplomatic and mentoring skills

·        Capacity to work in autonomy

·        Strong planning, organizational, and interpersonal skills – including influencing, negotiation and cross cultural skills.

·        Communication, diplomacy and persuasion skills, capacity to dialogue and collaborate with different stakeholders

·        Precision in work, follow-up and report writing;

·        Analytical and synthetic abilities

·        Organization and attention to detail especially meeting deadlines

·        Professional English, with excellent writing qualities

·        Proficient in working with Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel and Field work disposition, knowledge of UB Gers areas living conditions

·        PowerPoint)

·        Driving licence-B type, experience of off road driving an advantage


·        Committed to GERES’ values and mission.

·        Committed to ongoing learning

·        Responsible and willing to engage in discussion, open and communicative

·        Dynamic and results oriented, able to prioritize

·        Patient, resilient and stress resistant

·        Polite and respectful of others, shows integrity and honesty

·        Flexible, willing to adapt and take on new ideas

·        Social and outgoing, collaborative in approach

·       Able to lead or coordinate a team as well as work individually

Нэмэлт мэдээлэл

GERES – Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity - is a French non-profit NGO created in 1976 after the first Oil Shock. Today, more than 150 staffs work on innovative and sustainable development projects in France and in 12 developing countries.

Environmental conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, reducing energy poverty, and improving livelihood of the poor are the main focus areas for GERES. The GERES team is particularly involved in the implementation of engineering solutions for development and providing specific technical expertise.


In terms of energy efficiency (EE) in housing to address climate and pollution challenges faced by Ulaanbaatar peripheral districts population, GERES is starting the implementation of EU Switch Asia II-funded project, the “Switch Off Air Pollution” project, in partnership with four implementing parties. This project has started in January 2018, for 4 years and with a total budget around 2.3 million euros.

By limiting fossil fuel consumption through improving the energy efficiency of low-cost individual houses in the Ger areas of UB, the project will complement existing projects aimed at reducing air pollution in the city, thus contributing to the reduction of respiratory infections, limiting the burden posed to Household by excessive fuel consumption and mitigating climate change. A market-based approach will strengthen local private sector. Based on a conservative improved EE of 20%, it is estimated that over the course of the action, 1.000 EE houses will be built or retrofitted, saving 1.600 mT of coal and avoiding the emission of 6.000 TeqCO², generating 5 M € turnover for MSMEs. After 10 years, the project at scale could see 50.000 EE houses built of retrofitted, 140.000mT of coal saved and 500.000 TeqCO² emission reductions



  • Status: Mongolian fixed term contract of 12 months, renewable
  • Salary: According to GERES Mongolia salary scale
  • Paid leaves: 15 days per entire year plus additional days as stated in the Mongolian Labour Code.
  • Position based in Ulaanbaatar with regular field trips to Gers areas and occasionally field trip to other Aimags.

This conditions only applies for Mongolian national status.



To apply, register your candidacy (CV + LM) on the following email address: mongolia@geres.eu and subject should be “EU SOAP Project Assistance job position”. Only CV in English will be considered. 

Deadline to apply: April 30th


БайршилУлаанбаатар хот
ТөрөлБүтэн цагийн
Цалин1,800,000 - 2,100,000

Холбоо барих

ХаягМонгол улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Чингэлтэй дүүрэг, 1-р хороо, Дельта төв, 403 тоот

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