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Namir is Mongolia-based investment company with holdings in industrial and engineering services, FMCG distribution and automotive businesses. The company takes the long-term view of building small but strong and sustainable companies with highly engaged customers and employees.

The company is currently looking for qualified and experienced candidates for position of HSE Manager who will:

• Develop HSE policy, procedures and action plan for the Company

• Develop of HSE monitoring and control system

• Review health exposures and current status and implement solutions to improve health across the workforce

• Develop and report on key measures of the Company pertaining to Health, Safety and environment

• Ensure occupational health and safety issues are considered in all aspects of the Company

• Build safety culture and encourage employee involvement in health and safety improvements and hazard reporting

• Ensure timeliness of incident reporting

• Ensure high quality incident management and timely action to eliminate recurrence

• Demonstrate all required leadership and team membership principles;

• Interface with the management team and relevant team leaders;

• Actively advise the Management Team of critical issues and develop mitigation plans;

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• Relevant degree or experience in similar roles;

• Previous experience in a Health and Safety role

• Working experience in the mining and industrial industries

• Auditing skills is desirable

• Good English Skills

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If you are interested in the position please send your CV along with a covering letter to hr@namir.mn


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