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Receptionist for Administration department

Purpose of the position: Provide customer service support and front desk support in greeting all staff/visitors and handling their queries. Support in arranging domestic travel and facilitates internal and external communication needs in WVM (World Vision Mongolia) through face-to-face contact, telephone and mails so that WVM can carry out its mission in Mongolia.
Key Responsibilities:

Manage front desk office including guests and providing appropriate information to all customers;
Coordinate all incoming and outgoing communication through telephone and fax;
Arrange domestic travels and coordination of drivers and vehicles;

Procurement Officer for Supply chain department

Purpose of the position: Providing procurement support to the Supply Chain Manager and procure all items, goods, and services in the efficient, effective and economic procurement required for efficient operation and requirements of the World Vision International (WVI) programs in Mongolia.
Key Responsibilities:

Coordinate and facilitate the procurement and distribution ensuring timely delivery;
Negotiate with suppliers for the delivery of quality products on the best terms, prices and payment conditions possible for the benefit of World Vision Internationals Mongolia programs;
To support Area Programs and Project staff with advice during the procurement planning process
To carry out the vendor verification process;
Develop and maintain good working relationships with all staff of WV Mongolia, managers, vendors and suppliers;


Purpose of the position: 
To provide recommendations, develop and support strategy for corporate partnerships that resulting in diversified increased funds for World Vision Mongolia, to implement and manage all marketing-related activities related to corporate partnerships, as well as to leverage resources, skills, knowledge and experience of partner corporations at national and local levels, in support of the implementation of project goals and activities, especially through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes of those partner companies
Key Responsibilities:

Ensure that the National Resource Development (NRD) strategic plan includes a commitment to cultivate, serve and strengthen relationships with corporations and/or foundations in Mongolia and abroad, especially as income supporters

Prepare and implement a strategy to maximize relationships with corporations to support WVIM ministry through high-quality donor engagement initiatives
Maximize corporate partnership income through stewardship and strategic development of existing and new corporate partners
Develop marketing communication collaterals related to corporate partnerships
Continue to develop business and fundraising opportunities with NRD Department
Strengthen and maintain good relationships with corporate partners on a continuous basis through attending networking events, emails, newsletters, meetings, presentations, etc
Develop and implement a social media marketing plan
Develop website information related to corporate partnership
Training and equipping field staff in organizing effective donor host

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