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Дэлхийн Зөн Монгол ОУБ - Нээлттэй ажлын байрууд

District Program Manager for Chingeltei District

Key responsibilities:
- Contribute WV Mongolia Urban Programming planning and implementation by co-developing issues based projects or programs in cooperation with Urban Cluster Leader
- Provide strategic guidance and insights on overall program implementation to maximize program impact in the district
- Program effectiveness is regularly assessed and evaluated to ensure follow up on program review/audit
- Negotiates with the Technical Program Managers on a realistic local implementation plan and adaptation, including budget and technical support as required
- Submit proposals for startup funding and preposition WV Mongolia to address child wellbeing issues in the district/ urban context
- Develop and maintain good relationships with major (government/private) donors and WV Support Offices, including planning how to approach donors (government/private donors and support offices); streamlining strategic dialogues and overseeing the implementation process
- Initiate and maintain regular contact with other INGOs. Local NGOs and government officials in an effort to obtain experience and coordinate information regarding current and future works within district area


Purpose of the position: This position provides strong communications services throughout the lifecycle of the project, ensuring the donor visibility and reporting requirements are met and that World Vision’s brand is brought to life through compelling evidence-based storytelling. The Grant Communication officer will work under the direct supervision and guidance of the Grant managers and with the advisory support from the National resource department.
  Key Responsibilities:

Compelling story-telling of the projects align with World Vision’s global brand
Creative content (video, photo, editorial, graphic design) is developed
Leverage the content created through appropriate social and traditional media channels as defined by World Vision and Donor priority on website
Maintain grant project visibility on the website
Manage distribution of content through traditional media channels (TV, audio, website, newspaper, and magazines) and World Vision Mongolia’ official social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
Coordinating and managing donor visits
Ensure Donor visibility plan is developed and implemented in line with donor requirements
Develop end of project evaluation video based on the evaluation report
Perform any other tasks assigned by Grant managers

Projects Non Sponsorship and Grant Manager

Key Responsibilities:
- Manage resources to deliver compelling communications for funders that convey World Vision’s mission and programs on time and with excellence
- Ensure PNS and grant teams to follow the different donor organizations’ guidelines, standards and action plan during the implementation
- Provide guidance, direction and technical support to the PNS and project staffs to deliver quality implementation
- Manage overall PNS and grant efforts, documenting payments and expenditure, optimizing the grant administration process, preparing progress reports, ensuring compliance with grant regulations, reviewing grant proposals, managing grant databases, engaging with donor agencies, educating staff on policies, and preparing financial reports etc

Дотоодын хүүхэд ивээн тэтгэх хөтөлбөрийн ажилтан

World Vision Mongolia has an open position of LOCAL SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM OFFICER for Songinokhairkhan District Program.
Key Responsibilities:

Develop and maintain a strong understanding of the local context, including government perspectives and plans, ensuring all voices are heard;

Support critical awareness in community’s response to the well-being of children and other vulnerable groups and ensure participation of these groups in community development processes;

Facilitate and support key community meetings/workshops designed to explore and identify key priorities for child well-being;

Mobilize and support the creation, mobilization and strengthening of community groups and key stakeholders which catalyze community engagement to improve child well-being;


Coordinate all sponsorship work at the program level;
Ensure all correspondence meet the Local Sponsorship Standards;

Monitor the alignment of Sponsorship implementation to technical program interventions.

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