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CRC Service Analyst

JOB PURPOSE: Service Analyst is responsible in Technical Support, research, operation and project development. Perform calculations and studies of various matters in rebuild analysis. Creating documentation formats, process and procedure maps, checklists, working instructions and a variety of rebuild reports.


JOB PURPOSE:   Provide operational and sales support for rental services development. To develop an understanding of the support needs of customer and to advance possible solutions to address those needs.

CRC Coordinator

JOB PURPOSE:  This position is responsible to coordinate all task related to Engine Section jobs process, such as communicating to customers for quotations, reports, parts orders, purchase orders, work order operation and its performances.  

Авто баазын бүртгэлийн ажилтан

Гүйцэтгэх үндсэн үүрэг:
Энэхүү  ажлын байрны зорилго нь Компаний тээврийн хэрэгслийн бэлэн байдлыг хангах, тэдгээрийн аюулгүй ажиллагааг дээшлүүлэх, бүртгэл хяналт хийхэд оршино.

Mining Technician

To handle asset registration at the Company storage, workshop and other premises (hereinafter referred as the “workplace”), to keep records, to develop respective reports, to provide technical assistance for asset use, to categorize asset registration, to develop computerized registration, to organize counting of assets, to oversee the asset use and to execute other activities.

Works at customer site , in shop  and outside, including in work site when necessary; working in a dusty, noisy environment; working with heavy construction equipment; working with hand, pneumatic and power tools.

Operates and inspects heavy mining equipment and use professional tools to diagnose defects.

Diagnose, disassembles, repairs, and reassembles components.

Uses testing and measuring equipment to assess damage and/or wear.
Cleans, adjusts, and maintains equipment and tools.
Liaising with OEM for technical related issues.

Conducting scheduled maintenance and repair daily breakdowns on equipment

Conducting component change outs as required in accordance with OEM requirements and planned maintenance schedules.

Adherence to all policies and procedures set out by the mine.
Good relationship with management and staff. Reporting requirements (include but not limited)

Follow health and safety standards, regulations, and technological regimes accurately


JOB PURPOSE:   This position is responsible for the efficient review and processing of customs clearance documents and the performing the line-item entry into the customs online system, assisting the customs clearance process and ensuring expedient shipment and receipt of parts, components and equipment to and from Mongolia.

SALES REPRESENTATIVE (Chinese customers)

JOB PURPOSE: The primary function of the Sale Representative is to promote and market the sale of the equipment for Chinese Customers while developing and implementing sound selling strategies that ensure revenue growth to budget or greater by selling and renting to new and existing customers.

CRC Planner

JOB PURPOSE: Consider CRC capacity & capability, and analyze the information provided by mine sites (when, what component is coming, and what’s the maintenance strategy) to ensure in full & on time availability of all the required resources to be able to fulfill customer repair needs. Also, be responsible to gather and record all the information related to PCR from PSSRs & Site Managers.

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