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Монгол улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Чингэлтэй дүүрэг, 1-р хороо, Дельта төв, 403 тоот

Жэрэс ТГ-Сэргээгдэх эрчим хүч, эв санааны нэгдлийн бүлгэм - Нээлттэй ажлын байрууд


Main Responsibilities
In Accounting and Finance

Do/Oversee the recording and reporting of financial transactions, and prepare adjusting entries as required for monthly, quarterly, annual financial and ad-hoc reporting processes.
Prepare payroll operations and related payments.
Prepare/supervise cash and banking transactions and prepare &submit cash forecasts to the Country Director and HQs.
Ensure that key financial processes are documented and comply with internal policies, accounting standards and audit requirements.
Archive key/supporting financial documents and share them regularly with HQs
Oversee the Management of Accounts Receivable and Payable.
Act as main contact point for GERES Management, financial institutions and auditors, in key financial areas such as budget, accounting, cash management and payroll.
Supervise finance staff to ensure smooth and orderly financial operations.
Coach, train, plan and transfer knowledge in finance field to the GERES Team in Mongolia and across the region.
Follow all the GERES’ financial procedures (incl. e.g. monthly closures and reporting to the HQs).
Follow and insure all submissions of taxation in time to the authorities of Mongolia.

  In HR and Administration

Support of expatriate staff in Mongolia (visas, registrations etc.)
Prepare monthly staff slips
Control and monitor time sheets, leaves, and terminations of contracts.
Ensure secured access rights of shared folders/files and their regular backup.
Respect and make respect Mongolian legislation all the GERES’ HR and administration procedures
Submission of reports and information to authorities of project activities in Mongolia according to the requirements

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