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Bayan Airag Exploration LLC, a mining Company conducting exploration and project development in Durvuljin soum, Zavkhan province, is accepting applications for an ADMINISTRATION OFFICER position based at its mine Site with roster (21/21) of regular basis:

Places personnel requisitions, assists with administrative formalities related to performance evaluation of Department staff, supervises maintenance of attendance records and assists with other personnel issues in consultation with Supervisor.
Provides briefing and guidance to new employees on general administrative matters relating to work procedures and practices and ensures administrative support as required. Coordinates with HRA Department and assists staff on matters pertaining to visas, permits and other personnel related documents in accordance with the requirements of the Company and national laws.


Bayan Airag Exploration LLC, a mining company conducting exploration and project development, is inviting applications for a Human Resources Officer position to work at its based in Site (Durvuljin, Zavkhan Aimag) with the roster of 28/14:
Duties and Responsibilities:
- Identify and complete requisitions for open positions and submit to HRAD for further instruction on initiation of recruitment. Facilitate a recruitment plan to fill all open job requisitions;
- For local recruitments, under the Guidance of the HRAD, coordinate with Community Relations team in identifying and maintaining database of qualified applicants;
- Ensure all local applicants are properly screened in regards to technical abilities (work with GHP team for technical/construction knowledge) as well as general HR items;
- Obtain all required new hire paperwork and coordinate with the HRAD to ensure that it is processed in a timely manner;
- Ensure all new hires go through a detailed HR and Safety orientations that clearly identifies expectations as well as site specific rules and regulations;
- Ensure GHP HR function meets all national and local regulations regarding mandatory forms/documentation, labor posters, and any other requirements;
- Monitor and ensure GHP site employees attendance (regular and overtime work hours) for eligible positions are administered accurately and in a timely manner (including administration and documentation when forfeiture of payments occurs);
- Submit reports and records along with supporting document to HRAD and Finance Departments on scheduled dates;
- Serve as a consultant to the GHP site team regarding disciplinary/termination situations and that supporting documentation shows that the Company is within its right based on Company and National regulations;
- Handle all employee grievances and properly process them to HRAD for final recommendation;
- Facilitate terminations in compliance with HRAD policies and regulations;
- Maintain performance reports for the GHP site as well as for HRAD (# of terminations, # hires, turnover, manpower forecast, days to hire, etc.);
- Performs related duties as and when required.

Information Technology Engineer

Bayan Airag Exploration LLC, a mining company conducting exploration and project development, is inviting applications for an Information Technology Engineer position to work at its based in Site (Durvuljin, Zavkhan Aimag) with the roster of regular basis (28 days at work/14 days off):
Duties & Responsibilities:

Installation of Operation Systems and required service packages;
Installing, supporting and maintaining new hardware and software infrastructure;
Managing email, anti-spam and virus protection;
Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords on the Active Directory and Data server;
Monitoring network usage;
Ensuring the most cost-effective and efficient use of servers and network;
Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations;
Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures in order to protect data, software, and hardware;
Maintain logs related to IT functions, as well as maintenance and repair records;
Provide training, guidance and feedback to Employees to ensure they are able to competently use computer software and hardware;
Track inventory of technical equipment of the Company;
Perform other duties as and when required and requested by the Supervisor.

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