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Shadow Teacher

Summary Role:  To offer one to one support to a child in the classroom on the request of the Teacher, Head of Primary/Head of Secondary, or Academic Director; to assist the class teacher with lesson preparation, planning for learning, and undertaking other duties as needed.

Support the child to access the lesson by following the main class teacher’s instructions
Establish a supportive relationship with the child
Foster independence and positive self-esteem
Provide appropriate levels of support as identified by the teacher
Have an open dialogue with teachers about the kind of support necessary for the child

Chinese language teacher

Teach Mandarin Chinese to students from Primary to Upper Secondary School, including Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin as a Foreign Language.
Design and prepare lesson plans and teaching materials
Setting and marking assessments  
Understand and adhere to the curriculum, policies, and procedures of the school. 
Follow the guidance, direction, and leadership of Heads of School and Academic Director

Science Lab technician (Chemist)

BSU Science Technician and Assistant Job Description

The preparation of materials and equipment for science lessons.
Maintaining science laboratories and preparation rooms and their equipment, and services in good order.
General duties in support of the teachers in the Science Department.
Supporting students in class when requested by the teacher.
The precise duties would be determined by the Head Teacher consistent with the main areas of
Responsibility set out above. Some examples of the kind of duties which may be required are set out below.

A) Preparation of science materials and equipment. For example:

Carry out risk assessments for technical activities
Disposing of waste materials
Collecting apparatus and chemicals from storage;
Preparing necessary solutions;
Checking individual components in and out for class use;
Arranging for apparatus including worksheets, books and audio-visual aids to be available, in rooms, for lessons;
Preparing experiments, setting up apparatus and equipment for demonstrations and practical lessons as requested by teaching staff;
Preparation of chemicals and solutions
Liasing with staff over use of equipment and stock;
Advice staff of any problems, including safety aspects;
Assisting with collection and cataloguing of sundry worksheets, books, audio-visual aids and materials;
Returning apparatus, etc. and chemicals to storage as soon as practicable;
Repairing damages or arranging for this to be done;
Constructing apparatus and equipment.
Purchase of sundries from local supermarkets
B) Routing maintenance of science laboratories and preparation rooms, their equipment and services:

Maintaining laboratory clean and tidy in conjunction with the teacher in charge of the room;
Cleaning the sinks, chemicals on bench tops, spillage’s of chemicals on floor;
Storing materials tidily;
Keeping equipment clean;
Looking after animals, insects and plants kept by the department;
Cleaning of goggles
Cleaning of safety screens, fume cupboards and other items.
Carrying out safety checks on equipment, e.g. Bunsen tubing etc

C) Maintaining the stocks of science chemicals and equipment, for example:

Taking stock of chemicals, consumables, stationery, books and breakable items;
Advise Senior Technician/Head of Subject on stock replacement needs;
Ordering of the above
Checking deliveries

D) Supporting students as requested within the classroom:

This can include:
Working with different ability groups including support for less able and extension tasks for more able.
Demonstrating equipment to small groups of students/class
Monitoring a practical activity that requires supervision
Additional Qualifications
1st Aid at work certificate or ability to undertake the course (organized by the school)

Teaching Assistant

The post-holder will assist teaching staff as required during the school day. This may include taking small groups within the classroom or offering one to one support under the guidance and supervision of staff members. 

Assist in the educational and social development of students under the direction and guidance of the Class Teacher
Provide support for individual students inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate in activities
Support clear expectations of children’s behaviour and assist in securing appropriate standards of discipline
Play a key role in the safe supervision of students at breaks, lunchtimes and movement around the school
Help to create and maintain a purposeful, orderly and supportive environment for children to learn in
Work with children individually and in groups, and contribute to decisions about the most appropriate learning goals and teaching strategies
Communicate clearly and effectively with children through questioning, instructing, explaining and feedback

COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS: Communicate with parents on a regular professional basis and to deal with day to day queries under the Teacher’s direction.
DISPLAY:  Ensure that the children’s work is displayed and presented to the very highest standard in the classroom and throughout the school.
STAFF DEVELOPMENT: Participate where required in Staff Development and INSET and to attend staff meetings and briefings.
MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES:  Assist teachers with the resourcing of the subjects taught. Produce high quality resources and materials to support students’ learning.
EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:  Assist where required activity or activities to enrich the School experience for the pupils.

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