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Automation Consultant (Автоматжуулалтын зөвлөх)

Familiarity with diagram, workflow and flowchart drawing tools
Identification and assessment of business processes suitable for automation
Business process improvement and streamlining of repetitive, data-heavy, time-consuming tasks
Basic programming or advanced Excel skills
Software testing (user acceptance testing and system integration testing)


Software developer (Програм зохиогч)

Developing web applications or server based applications on either .NET or Java
JavaScript, CSS, HTML and using industry libraries like Google Maps
Data administration or data mining and analytics
Designing reports in Tableau, PowerBI or other dashboard engines
3D modelling in SketchUp, AutoCAD, MicroStation or equivalent packages
3D gaming engines like Unity and Unreal
User interface design, web page design or graphic design


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  1. Automation Consultant (Автоматжуулалтын зөвлөх)10 сарын 15. 17:27
  2. Software developer (Програм зохиогч)10 сарын 15. 17:24

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