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Зөөгч ажилд авна

Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлын ресторанд зөөгч яаралтай ажилд авна.

Event Coordinator

Solicit Future conference business for hotels in assigned market areas. Maintain and exceed sales targets defined by the management. Also able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and achieve daily targets, whilst offering a very high level of Customer Service.
Additionally Work directly with key decisions makers from Corporate, negotiating rates and confirming their accommodation, meetings and events.

Receiving, handling and converting Meetings, Events and Group enquiries.
Planning events in conjunction with the client.
Presenting and selling available and suitable banquet / event options to the highest possible standard.
Contact Meeting Planner by mail, telephone, customer outings and site inspections.
Arrange and carry out Hotel show rounds.
Ensure the complete administration and execution of all planned events.
Negotiate space, dates and rates to obtain booking goal while focusing on shoulder and off season business.
Identify need periods and undertake comprehensive program of sales activity to secure new and adhoc business minimizing the impact of low activity periods.

Тооцооны нягтлан бодогч

Гүйцэтгэх үндсэн үүрэг

Ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтонд заагдсан ажил үүргийг хийж гүйцэтгэнэ.


Өрөөний үйлчлэгч ажилд авна.

Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлийн өрөө үйлчилгээний хэлтэст харьяалагдан зочдын өрөөнд  стандартын дагуу цэвэрлэгээ үйлчилгээ хийж, ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтонд заагдсан бусад үүрэг даалгаврыг хийж гүйцэтгэнэ.

Reservation Manager/Revenue Manager

Primarily manages the reservation functions for the hotel ensuring all reservations are processed in a pleasant, professional and efficient manner. Manages and coordinates activities of reservation team members providing reservations and customer services skills.
Achieving customer satisfaction and room revenue goals while taking guests through the booking process. Assist the reservation manager or front office manager with budgeting, forecasting, and hiring, retaining and developing reservations and customer service employees.

Ensure reservation department and Front Office staff are constantly aware of availability states open, on request, closed dates, high demand dates etc.
Responds to all guest reservation requests and executes prompt, courteous and accurate guest service at all times.
Fully knowledgeable about hotel guest rooms, rates, promotions, amenities, programs, hotel facilities, and services.
Answer guest inquiries pertaining to hotel services, registration of guests, and shopping, dining, entertainment and travel directions etc.
Manage systems that are set up within the reservations department to ensure accurate handling and monitoring of phone calls.
Assists and prepare in groups pre-arrival process and also preparing group rooming lists.
Maintains a clean and organized work area.
Attends all scheduled meetings as required with HOD's or Sales team.
Track all reservations picked up from all On-line channels like hotel website, OTA, other third parties etc.
Co-ordinate with the Channel manager, or software vendors for any availability, rate or booking integration issues.
Handle external systems like Channel Manager, Web booking engines, Rate comparison tools, Online Travel Agents extranets etc.
Update No-shows and cancellations on all OTA's without fail to avoid and unwanted commissions.
Responsible for maintaining Rate parity across all booking Channels (Website, OTA, GDS, Travel Agents Etc.)
Adjust rates according to suggestions from Yield or Revenue management systems.
Verify all reservations taken on the reservation forms are updated on the PMS without fail.
Understand and enforce hotel and company credit policies and Ensure proper billing instructions, routing instructions and payment methods are applied to the reservations.
Verify if each reservation requests are processed as per the hotel standards and without delay.
Verify if reservation confirmation letters are sent for all processed bookings within the stipulated time.
Process retentions, no-show, and cancellations as per the hotel policy and procedures.
Handles any request for amenities or transportation promptly and accurately. Details are shared with the concerned department or third party accurately.
Monitor all Tentative / Provisional / Waitlisted bookings entered the system and follow up done for deposits/guarantee.
Records and files all reservation correspondence neatly and accurately on prescribed forms or folders.
Keep records of room availability, rates, amendments, daily reservation pickup, rooms on book, cancellations, no-show, etc.
Handles the reservation correspondence accurately and neatly and follow up for any missing correspondence before guest arrival.
All reservation modifications are updated on the property management system immediately and accurately in the case of any changes.
Maintain department approved quality assurance program to include, but not limited to, rates, deposits property descriptions, activity tables, and reservations letters.
Manage reservation function to maintain the highest possible room occupancy and average daily rate through suggestive selling and recommendations from external yield or revenue management systems Eg. Ideas.
Ensure acceptable service levels and all statistical reports are sought and maintained.
Tracks daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics for analytical, budgeting and forecasting purposes.
Check forecasting reports based on statistics codes ( Market, Source, Rate Code etc.), reservations which are wrongly tagged should be amended.
Receive contracts detailing room allotments and creates allotments on the hotel management system.
Train newly recruited reservation staffs in taking reservations, telephone etiquettes , reservation module on hotel software and processing emails.
Ensure that Front Office Clerks are also trained on reservations and checking hotel availability.
Ensure deposit payment is taken in advance for all pay at hotel reservations eg: Direct reservation, OTA's (Booking.com, Orbitz, Expedia etc.)
Determine work procedures, prepare work schedules, assign duties and expedite workflow for reservation agents.
Manage all aspects of reservation department in the absence of reservation manager.

Food and Beverage Supervisor

To ensure that the day to day running of the Food & Beverage department operation is smooth and that customers are provided with a high standard of services at all times.To control the stock, health & hygiene procedures and ensure they are followed in accordance with the F&B department guidelines.To maintain high standards of customers service and care, and possess a good product awareness and knowledge.


Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлын ресторанд ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтонд заагдсан ажил үүргийг хийж гүйцэтгэнэ.

Валют солилцооны мэргэжилтэн

Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлын зочдод банк, санхүү, валют солилцооны чиглэлээр шаардлагатай мэдээ мэдээллээр ханган, мэргэжлийн өндөр түвшний үйлчилгээг үзүүлж ажиллахын зэрэгцээ ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтонд заагдсан бусад ажил үүргийг хийж гүйцэтгэнэ.

Зөөгч ажилд авна

Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлын ресторанд зөөгч яаралтай ажилд авна.

График дизайнер ажилд авна - Хагас цагаар

Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлын үйл ажиллагааны онцлогтой уялдуулан төрөл бүрийн хэвлэлийн эх бэлтгэх, ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтонд заагдсан бусад ажил үүргийг гүйцэтгэнэ.

Зөөгч ажилд авна

Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлын ресторанд зөөгч яаралтай ажилд авна.

Ахлах Зөөгч ажилд авна

Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлын ресторанд зөөгч яаралтай ажилд авна.

График дизайнер ажилд авна - Хагас цагаар

Олон улсын 4 одтой зочид буудлын үйл ажиллагааны онцлогтой уялдуулан төрөл бүрийн хэвлэлийн эх бэлтгэх, ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтонд заагдсан бусад ажил үүргийг гүйцэтгэнэ.

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