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Funny Translation Mistakes In Mongolia

2018, 2 сарын 3. 16:32   |   3,066

We all know that went it comes to publicly distributed and available content in another language, not using the services of professional translators is a big risk. Still, many decide to cut corners and save a little money by using machine translation, a dictionary, or by going for the cheapest translation service available (which may in turn just use an online translation tool). However, while the results may not represent that organisation in the best light, they can be very funny for everyone else. Here are a few of our favourite translation errors found in Mongolia. Enjoy!

1) Asian Fried Dump


 We think the writers of this menu were going for the word 'Dumpling'!
2) Push the toilet!


 Well, you might push while using the toilet!
3) Singing Ceremony!


 Proofreading is equally important if you do not want to lose any undrestanding!
4) Let after meet you


 Don't worry, we have no idea either!
5) Vagina Tight


And our all-time favourite! This must be the funniest sign we have ever seen.
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Funny Translation Mistakes In Mongolia2018, 2 сарын 3. 16:32

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